Anime: Ash will get a new egg in the Pocket Monsters can be Riolu?


After that, thanks to Pikachu and Gengar beat representative of City Of Carmine, Ash he advanced to the next step of the World championship of Pokémon, so surely soon we will face Lionel, this being its main objective.

But Ash has a little problem, because it only has Dragonite, Gengar and Pikachu to achieve his goal, but it seems that this is about to change.

According to the magazine Scan from Japan, it is said that Ash will get a new egg in the next chapter of Pocket Monster, which has called the attention of the fans, as this is what we saw in the last season, when Ash got to his Noibat.

But after this announcement, the doubt has been among all the followers, because they wonder who will be the pokemon that comes out of that egg, though the magazine Scan from Japan has already given us an idea, thus launched a survey to vote on What they believe will be the new pokemon of Ash?

What will be Riolu the new pokemon of Ash?

According to the magazine Scan, the pokemones that could leave the egg, are the Riolu, Sobble, Grookey, Munchlax, or Tyrogue, so that in accordance with the colors of the egg, the fans have begun to think that it could be Riolu, Sobble or Munchlax.

And is that Ash does not have any pokemon of Galar, so who has the advantage in the survey is Soluble, however, if something is clear is that the fans want to be Riolu the new pokemon of Ash.

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Unfortunately we will have to wait for the next chapter of this Anime to know who will be the new companion of Ash on his way to the confrontation with Lionel.