Are they ready to be parents?


In less than two months Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin celebrate their first wedding anniversary. The couple gave the ‘ yes I want to in September of last year in a secret link held by civil society to formalize their relationship, after several ups and downs and break ups, the couple gave the important step, even if your dream is to celebrate a religious wedding.

The couple is focused on the complete recovery of Justin. The artist continues to struggle with a depression that led him to leave the scenarios until further notice. Justin continues to receive psychological help at the same time that it supports you in your loved ones, in particular in Hailey, who has shown him to be on his side even in the worst moments. For this reason, the couple has delayed the wedding several times, waiting for the canadian to be recovered.

While waiting to take the step of getting married by the church, it may be that the couple is thinking of expanding the family. Several months ago sounding rumors about an upcoming paternity of the artist and the model, however, the couple has not chosen to neither confirm nor deny this information. Even so, a comment of the model in an image that has published Kylie Jenner in your account of Instagram has rekindled the rumors that Justin and Hailey may be looking for a baby.

There are many followers who believe that Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin would be thinking of having their first child, and the comment of the model could be a track of it. Kylie Jenner is one of the best friends of Hailey, and in recent days has shared with his followers a picture in which the model has not been able to resist to comment.

It is a publication in which it appears your daughter Stormi with sympathetic faces. Hailey has not been able to resist the tenderness that follows the baby and has left the following comment: “please, so as to lead the greater fever of infants. She is the most sweet.” To this comment, fans of the couple have deduced that Hailey is dying to be a mother and that would mean that Justin and she may give soon a surprise to his followers.

However, only try to speculations. Of time the couple is in a good moment of their relationship and at the moment the main thing remains the recovery of Justin.