Bruce Willis will star in a house dressed as Doraemon to an ad japanese


Something that defines very well to Japan is your film and your typical anime. What we never imagined is that Bruce Willis would be willing to star in an ad as if it were a character in japanesebut not just any, but the very Doraemon. The company, japanese telecommunications and Internet 5G, SoftBank, has picked Bruce Willis as his main actor.

In the video, we can see Willis bumping up against a house while wearing a white t-shirt and a sweatshirt blue, as if it was Doraemon… although it doesn’t look like much. Also, if there were any doubt that this is the famous Cosmic Cat, in the announcement we will see Willis with the famous gorrocóptero. Next to the Hollywood actor will appear in three more, Aya Ueto, Kanako Higuchi and Dante Carver, who interpreted to the members of the family, and who are also recurring characters in the advertisements of the company.

  Bruce Willis

The ad will be premiered on the 27th of march in Japan, the same day that SoftBank launched its service 5G, which propose that that could be another secret object of Doraemonit , like your pocket or magical door that leads to anywhere.

I wish my dreams would become reality…

This is not the first time that an actor plays Doraemon in a commercial for japanese televisionbut already in 2012 Jean Reno did the same thing in a series of commercials for Toyota. The passion for the Cosmic Cat goes beyond, what that invites us to think that it sure is not the last time that we will see a actor in this role.