‘Cheers’ takes months vaticinando the coronavirus with its preview on Netflix USA


If there is an industry that has not been paralyzed consumption by a coronavirus, although its production, is the of the streaming platforms. This has caused Netflix lower the quality in the image of its contents in order not to overburden the internet and, in addition, has caused its users to be much more attentive to every detail.

In this case it has been Kevin Biegel, co-creator of ‘Cougar Town’, who has realized of the preview with the that Netflix is promoting the classic series of ‘Cheers’ in the united States already warned us of this global pandemic for months.

“Bravo to whoever is in charge of the maintenance of the preview of ‘Cheers’ on Netflix right now”.

In this brief sequence, a customer takes a can of beer at the bar while he tells Sam (Ted Danson) and his growing paranoia about the artificial creation of a serious virus. Despite the fact that both the waiter and the rest of these calm and ensure that nothing happens, as soon as that client walks out the door each and every one of them begin to disinfect the whole bar and in special areas where he was sitting and the glass has been used.

It is not surprising that Kevin Biegel will be familiar this situation, since, in the united States, are increasingly more aware of the rapid expansion of this virus and the behavior at the global level with respect to social distance each time looks more like this scene from ‘Cheers’.


Predictions national

During the last few weeks we’ve noticed that also in Spain there have been productions that seemed to know something of the crisis of the coronavirus before desatase. Cases such as ‘Open your eyes’ in 1997, or the epidemic of influenza in the last season of ‘Just before Christ’ remind us of the current situation in the country.

To this are added cases to the most recent and disturbing for its resemblance as ‘The Fence’, a series that premiered on Antena 3 in January 2020, and that presents a few scenarios very similar we see from our windows since a few weeks.

Although the series is moving away (for the moment) in everything that has to do with the situation government and the differentiation of two dominant classes separated by a fence, the production leaves us images of streets desolate, a society totally changed and a world with resources increasingly scarce natural.