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Photo: IG @osmariel

Photo: IG @osmariel

Chepa Candela

¡¡¡Buueeenoosss days¡¡¡… Yyy as this is the last column of the year, from today Friday 30th I start the countdown (¡10, 9, 8, 7, 6…!) to dismiss this ill-fated (By the death of celebrities, national and international) 2016…. and tell him: ¡¡Jeeelouuu, jeelooouuu!! the long-awaited 2017, which we hope (everyone, and I include myself) to be better, better and better!, general desire at the time of puumm, pumm, pumm! sound the cannon shot and I Tiinn, tiiinnn, tiiinnn! bumping into these glasses at the time of the great toast… but oh yes!, first to stick your eyes in these lines, to read and put in the so much so that before he reached the Child Jesus, SHANNON DE LIMA it was cited by the attorneys of Marc Anthony to sign the separation agreement… and from next week will begin the legal process that will culminate with the divorce official the couple, whose marriage lasted just two years and a few days… it Síii, gentlemen!… For the next 9 January, three days after the visit of “los Reyes Magos”, the model of venezuela and the singer “niuyorquino” will be the faces, this time in the court where it is expected that same day to sign the document that legally dissolve this relationship, as they had no children, it is expected that the thing would be faster than the blink of an eye… unless that last minute is this some kind of complication that slows the process, which, by the way, it was requested by the Marc Anthony, who was the one who asked for the divorce… and not Shannon de Lima, whom the rumors point to it as the “cheating wife”, because it seems that if you put the “chunks” to “Bone flirty”, who did not want to calársela more, and commanded to “pa lca”!….

Yyy going to another thing, butterfly, I bato the OSMARIEL VILLALOBOS and the Juan Pablo Galavis, I“smoked the pipe of peace”!… and after a short break and loving, they decided to continue trying… and they are, again, “of sucks and let me the place”… that is, you gave it a chance and in the past christmas, ique, took the decision to be reconciled… just As is!… According to a source close to the cheerleader of “Portada’s”, the above and former “Bachelor” venezuelan had an encounter fleeting, and beyond, in the land “mayameros” and at a dinner they resolved the tense situation that the short period of time left… Cleared up the picture and conditions in the table, the Osmariel Villalobos (which according to me was like “enguayabada”) made pots by Juan Pablo Galavis… and this one, you would have released an: “Okis, we are going to take the pigeon, again, but fly, fly”… what was he referring To the “manganzón”?… By the way, I suggest to you that your partner program, that is no other than the MARIELA CELIS, ique, already got his “worse is nothing”, and, that is to say, load your “top enrolla’or” with a subject that is not “local” to do with the world farandulero, ditto “francesito” with whom he had plans of jumping into the water… and last time I left the pelero!… The case is also host of “Portada’s”, that is to say, no longer is “more alone than the a”….. and although this tie is a strong “rum-rum” that have recently captured my camataguas, it does not surprise me that he was premiering “pechugo”, because in addition to that he deserves it, the Mariela Celis was not going to be in quarantine the whole of life… That so enjoy!….

Yyy in direct connection with my repetitive international, I caught the signal that they continue to speculation about the causes of the sudden death of GEORGE MICHAEL and now it is assured that the heart attack that he suffered, and which took his life on the 25th of December, could have been caused by an overdose of heroin, a drug that, apparently, was consuming too much in these past few months… and with which I was involved in a battle that in the end he lost, if it is a certain that led to its demise, therefore, is not yet released the official report of the forensic… Yyy as up here I brought the river under the “santamaria”, but not before wishing them “a happy new year pa’ ti, a happy pa’ it, a happy pa’ all”… it’s a feeeliiizzz añooo!… ¡¡We’ll see you in 2017!!