Chic and in love: so they came Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin to his wedding in South Carolina


Does just a year, Justin Bieber was surprised to London. Sitting on the edge of a source from Buckingham Palace, and hidden under the hood of his sweatshirt, he began to play the chords of one of their songs. However, the impromptu free concert was not directed to the legion of fans that was gathered together quickly around. Each note, he said, was a declaration of eternal love dedicated to a girl who was hiding among the public: Hailey Baldwin.

“That girl there is the love of my life”said Justin Bieber pointing to the model before you start the serenade.

The news spread like a fire. Fans of Selena Gomez wowed, the followers of Bieber called on the precipitation of this new love, and some more radical conspired to sabotage the new and dizzying relationship. What they didn’t know then, was that same month the couple had been given the “I”in the Courts of New York, on a romantic impulse, and only months after we started dating, and as such would confirm the uncle of the bride, the actor Alec Baldwin on the Emmy awards.

A year later, nothing has managed to destroy their history. Bieber, of 25 years, and Baldwin, 22, will go again for the altar this Monday, September 30. This time, in a religious ceremony attended by family and friends, and will cost them close to USD 250,000, according to estimated the british newspaper Daily Mail.

The wedding will begin at sunset on an exclusive resort of South Carolina known as Palmetto Bluff, and will last for three days, according to the magazine People. The field of 8,000 hectares it has two dance halls, restaurants, swimming pools, lakes and golf courses. Also includes two chapels. The largest, with a capacity for 185 people, will host the link in a few hours.

The guests will lodge at the hotel of the property, which will remain closed to the public in the days of the event, the couple booked all of the rooms. Each one of them, reported the british newspaper Daily Mailhas a cost that ranges between 316 and 1,700 dollars per night. Bieber and his wife will sleep in a residence separate to the hotel.

The model and the singer has already left to see the Sunday at the complex. In the evening held a cocktail preboda aboard a yacht, which was attended by 36 friends and family members, which included Katy Perry and Kendall Jenner. Baldwin wore a mini white dress with neckline word of honor and some heels Jimmy Choo of $ 1,000. Not changed his hairstyle, which led -as usual – tight and knotted into a loop. Bieber, with an outfit more relaxed, dressed in a polo and white pants black.

Although they have not transcended new details of the link, and have posted images on Instagram, is expected to be a memorable ceremony. Not only because of the location and because of the media’s canadian singer, but also because of the the organization of a wedding planner most desirable of the USA, Mindy Weiss, famous for orchestrating, among others, the ostentatious wedding of the sisters Kardashian or Sofia Vergara.