“Children need to get out for mental health”: the controversial proposal of Shakira during the quarantine period.


Shakira is starring in some of the worst scandals of the showbiz, after making a controversial proposal, in which the singer mentioned that the children they need to go out of house for mental health despite the quarantine by Covid-19.

Remember that social isolation is one of the basic steps and most important to prevent the spread of the pandemic Covid-19. A measure that implies that all people, regardless of ages to remain at home. So the recent proposal of Shakira has caused an uproar in social networks.

In this way, Shakira posted a small message, in which he speaks of the importance of outdoor spaces in children’s mental health, which refers if you still are allowed on the walks of the pet, should also be allowed to leave with the children.

  • “Knowing the situation with small children in this difficult period of quarantine, I empathize with those who do not have an outdoor space or balcony for their children to breathe clean air.”

It was part of the message of the colombian singer which continued with a proposal that gives the right to the children from leaving, because they need the sun and the air to maintain it in perfect conditions for both your physical and mental health.

In this way, Shakira invited the government to consider a policy that “allows a responsible adult to take a child to walk, even if it is subject to the restrictions that the experts consider, and respecting the rules of estrangement and healing”.

The controversial proposal of Shakira

A convincing proposal that has generated all kinds of reactions, but unfortunately have mostly been strong criticism towards the singer, who even the have been identified as an “unconscious” by proposing this idea, which would put at risk the health of all.

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Some even made reference to the famous story of Anne Frank, who spent more than fifteen months hiding from neo-nazis, and without having access to the outside or to any entertainment tool.

proposal shakira quarantine

The controversial proposal of Shakira during the quarantine period.