COVID-19: what Youtuber Nath Campos has Coronavirus?


Nath Campos is an influencer that from a couple of years ago is dedicated to make videos for YouTube however currently is going through a terrible time as two days ago, the members of the musical group MORAT announced that have Coronavirus and one of the young men is their romantic partner.

What Nath Campos has Coronavirus?

Simon Vargas he is a musician and singer of the band MORAT and recently he was in Spain where it is caught COVID-19. When you get to Mexico how any person ran to see his girlfriend without knowing that he was infected with Coronavirus.

It is worth mentioning that when the quarantine began, Nath Campos went up a couple of stories to your account of Instagram where I asked people to take care of yourself, following the rules of hygiene, in addition, that the corinthians to remain in his home voluntarily because although they had a few cases of Coronavirus in the country it was important to be prevented. Desafotunadamente did not expect that her boyfriend would be the person who could pass it on.

By now Nath is the only youtuber that could have the disease and that is why you have decided to do quarantine in his house located in the City of Mexico.

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Nath Campos and Simon Vargas are added to the celebrities who have been infected by Coronaviruses. Among others is Camila Sodi, Odalys Ramirez, Pato Borghetti, Tom Hanks and Plácido Domingo. Unfortunately in all the world there are already cases of COVID-19 and not even celebrities can escape from this difficult disease that has everyone locked up in their houses.