Cuba confirms 20 new cases of coronavirus and the total figure amounts to 139


The Ministry of Public Health of Cuba (MINSAP) confirmed 20 new cases of coronavirus in Cuba, bringing the total number to 139 confirmed cases on the Island, until Saturday, march 28.

Of the confirmed cases, the majority maintains a clinical evolution stable, although 3 patients were in critical condition, and 4 bass.

It keeps the data of 3 deceased, 4 high, and an american who was evacuated to the united States several days ago, at his own request and of their family members.

Of the active cases, 114 are cuban and they 73 have as an antecedent to be returning several countries such as united States, Spain, Panama, Guyana, among others. The remaining 25 cases are foreigners.

Until the 28 of march were admitted to 2.317 thousand patients for clinical surveillance – epidemiological centres of isolation and attention; 684 suspects and 30.642 people are monitored from the Primary Health Care.

The minister said that Cuba has 12 hospitals with 274 beds to cater for serious cases and that the Island is in stage “pre-epidemic”, with an event of local transmission in the Killings, which found four infections.

“We are entering stage more complex,” stressed the minister Jose Angel Portal, and indicated that there’s just no excuse for that every cuban has his nasobuco. May appear more cases in the coming days and that would be normal,” he added. Asked to emphasize the care with the children, that should not be on the street and with the elderly.

Three centers for testing, diagnosis, a center regio in Santa Clara and another regional center in Santiago de Cuba.

There are 174 countries with confirmed cases worldwide. Currently logged 121.136 confirmed cases in the Americas.