Danna Paola confesses a strange truth it Is addicted!


Danna Paola it is a box of mysteries, the talents of the singer are still coming to light, and recently has surprised us by confessing that you have an addiction, very big, something that nobody expected, and it is gamer.

Danna Paola published a series of stories through your account Instagram in which he recounts that from a very little girl I have liked video games, but not the typical princess, or adventure as Mario Brosbut she likes video games battles.

The interpreter of Ill-Fame, said you’re interested in games of “Fights” as Application’s creed, GTA, or Halo, and many others, that played for a long time.

Also, he confessed that has always been a big fan of Fifa, also stressed that for years I had a PSP, but that due to an oversight, lost, so that now only has a playstation in his house, but that is considered a gamer.

“I’m a lover of video games, I’m a super gamer, from always, and now I discovered that I had my play in my house and basically I started to play and I was hooked so much,” said Danna Paola.

After the Danna Paola confessed he likes video games, and shows that he has all the talent to put nails, since we don’t have any doubt that he can do everything.

Danna Paola celebrates 20 million

Danna Paola is one of the most important singers that have Mexico, and it showed in the last few days to meet the goal of 20 million followers on his account of Instagram, with the mexican singer’s most followed on the platform.

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And is that the singer has become an international phenomenon, after that performed the series of Netflix, Elite where he played the character of Lucretia, a project that was seen in more than 100 countries, and that drove her through the world.