Do you say goodbye to Maluma? Natalia Barulich had a fiery cross with a well-known singer


January 29, 2020 9:43 AM

The ex-girlfriend of the colombian singer was surprised with their interaction with an international star.

Natalia Barulich it was one of the first couples that we met Maluma. The american is one of the models most important at a world level and was a bride, with the colombian for a long period, until mid-October of last year decided to end their relationship causing complaints from the fans of the renowned singer.

A little more than three months after this break, both Natalia as Maluma they seem to have overcome this situation. They are both
show relaxed in their social networks, and even the well-known model
held an exchange of comments with Demi
, what ignited the alerts of the fans.

Is that Barulich
uploaded a video to his account of Instagram where you will find, disguised as the princess
Jasmine of the movie Aladín. “I grant you a wish tonight”, was the text
that accompanied this particular video of Natalia that exceeded the million
reproductions in this social network.

What caused a sensation among the fans was the response of Demi Lovato. “But, what if you’re my desire?”, wrote, along with emojis of a heart and fire. “Well, you’re mine,” replied the model that also accompanied his reply with an emoji of fire creating a huge impact among their followers.

What is certain is that Natalia Barulich enjoy your singleness, and even allows you to joke with your ex, Maluma. The model surprised everyone a few days ago when she commented in a curious publication of the singer in Instagram. The colombian had posted a photo of laughing accompanied by a text in a joke: “when you called your former pa to return,” he wrote. “Demons. what ex? Lol,” was what he said Natalia garnering a great amount of I like.