Extreme thinness of Adele is cause for concern in their followers


The british singer Adele has passed suffer overweight to an extreme thinness with the that comes back to bother their followers with regard to your state of health, because, as you can see in a picture that has gone viral on social networks, the woman has a look that leaves almost unrecognizable to his fans.

In the last five months are few images that are known of the singer, who it has kept away from the media and with a big break regarding his career, in which she has stopped doing musical performances.

In the past month of October, had returned to the spotlight after having been present at the birthday party of singer Drake, stealing all the looks for the silhouette, which at that time boasted, in addition, earning all the praise from his fans in the posting that you did on your Instagram.

Then, spent two months to come back to post a photo in his social network; in this as we saw him, another figure, which gave what to talk about during the month of December, sporting a spectacular black dress with long sleeves.

However, they are now lurking in social networks images he looks extremely thin, what causes a great concern on their followers, as you have not last but three weeks of the last publication.

“You see more cute chubby”, “you don’t look healthy”, “We are impressed by the radical change, we don’t want to go to extremes”, “extreme diets are dangerous”, “does Not look healthy. It is not about the weight. Good for her that she has been losing weight, but what is eating well? I just hope that he is well and healthy”, are some of the reactions of the fans in networks.

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