Goddess Channel flees Venezuela, where he was forbidden to leave until the year 2216 | Famous

Claiming that he felt persecuted by the government of Venezuela, the theatrical Goddess Channels are fired of his native land and he sought asylum in Colombia, where resides with her husband, the singer Jose Rojas, better known as Stealthy.

Channels and Stealthy received an amparo in Colombia, although still do not transcend publicly the details. Both artists have confirmed, via social networks, your move.

Goddesses at 40, follows in the footsteps of Karla Martinez


In addition, by means of a press release that shared in an exclusive with News 24both reiterated that his political position, contrary to the government leader Nicolas Maduro, has made them the target of “a series of irregular situations that have been increasing; to deteriorate with time”.

Stealth mentioned that official sources have been dedicated to put obstacles to prevent them from working like that to “engage in situations of all kinds, for discredit and hurt our image as public figures and influential; until you get to the extreme of taking measures against us.”

In one of his latest, on Instagram, Goddess Channels expressed that “to have a new life, a new beginning“so in Colombia will try “to do well… to even think about it” of it. However, the theatrical culminated in his writing anticipating that she could not promise “nothing”.

In the meantime, in suspense are both the lawsuit which was submitted against Osmariel Villalobos and which Channels brought against the driver by the fight that both staged last June in a gym Venezuela.

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