Goddess Channel says if you received the greeting of Osmariel (+VIDEO)


After their appearance in the implementation of the “world Famous”, Osmariel was paid to send a greeting to his rival Goddess Channels, now this says if you received it or not.

Remember that the model and tv presenter in venezuela, Osmariel Villalobospart of this application so-called “Famous” where cobra $50 USD for a salute to their fans.

However, a supporter anonymous he wanted to be funny and paid Osmariel to greet the vedette venezolana, causing controversy when you perform this action, as both women are enemies from that Goddess will dealt a severe beating to the former beauty queen in a gym in Caracas.

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However, Channels was interviewed live via Skype for the program Saturday Night, revealing that I was not even aware well of the topic since because of her pregnancy-has remained away from social networks.

Also, the artist who was in the company of her husband, said: Has not arrived the greeting to my but, but if it arrives I receive it with much love and affection, I explained the issue and apologized, I accept the mistakes made at some time in their life”.

Finally, the Goddess added that she bears no grudge against Osmariel.

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