Goddess Channels and Osmariel Villalobos fight in the bathroom of the gym


Goddess Channel gave a severe beating to Osmariel Villalobos the night of Friday, June 16, at a gym in Caracas, as reported by the journalist Carmela Longo, According to the journalist the beating ameritó that the former Miss was transferred to a clinic capital where he remained under observation throughout the early morning hours of this Saturday.

With information of Latest News – Carmela Longo

Villalobos was treated by a blow blunt in the head, the ct scan emergency that you had not yielded anything serious, dislocation of the thumb of one of his hands, and trauma to the columns and cervical spine that will force her to use a collar, in principle, for two weeks. After this time, will be evaluated by doctors to see if they will extend for two weeks or more. During this time, rest, and be out of Portada’s. Also, the zulia presented scratches on the face and chest and bites on one of his legs. Physicians prescribed antibiotics for these wounds. According to witnesses to the incident, the same occurred when both coincided in the bathroom in the gym. After a crossing of words, Channels he lunged at the cheerleader and began to beat her, till they came to the security people of the place to separate them. It is unknown the reason for the discussion. During the early morning, a forensic doctor went to the hospital to verify the blows and wounds that have Villalobos, as well as security staff of Venevisión, which remains in place until you are discharged. With it, in addition to the family with which it coexists in Caracas, was Fanny Ottati.


Goddess Channels shall report to Osmariel Villalobos