Google Translate makes a mockery of the singer Adele with the meaning of his name


One of the fans of the singer Adele discovered a strange meaning of the name of the singer while sailing by Google Translate. The meaning of the name of the singer would have angered fans of the singeras this I would have nothing to do with the true meaning of the british.

Adele Laurie Blue, more commonly known as ‘Adele’ who recently confirmed his divorce with Simon Konecki is trend on the Internet, as it has lost weight and now looks more beautiful and thin than ever. All this product of your separation with your ex-husband, who was wearing a two years of marriage.

Below, we share the search results of Google Translate with the name of the british.

Adele Google

‘Adele’ on Google Translate

Despite the fact that Adele is the name of one of the most important singers Pop in the worldthe result that was cast to this name it has nothing to do with its real meaning.

When a fan of the singer placed the name of Adele in the translator, the result that yielded was: “down”. This occurs when you translate the name Urdu to Spanish. A language that is spoken in Pakistan and India.

Google Translate Google

Anger on the part of the fans

With the success earned Adele on her years as a singer and now that she is enjoying your musical break, the fan defended after ‘mockery’ that has made Google Translate.

In some comments you can read the discontent and criticisms of this tool Google, as this it would not be the first time that the translator translated in a strange way the name of some famous.

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Meaning of the name Adele

Since the appearance of the singer on stage, the name began to be popular around the world. Between some of the meanings of the name appears “Is the name also of a famous british singer”. Given as a result of the popularity that has earned this singer.

“From the germanic Adelheidis, meaning “noble” and “light”. Adela (in Spanish) was a santa rhineland from the seventh century and a countess of Flanders in the ELEVENTH century. Is the name also of a famous british singer. Taken from: