Hailey Baldwin celebrated a year of commitment with Justin Bieber: “My heart belongs to you”


Through your account Instagramthe model shared a picture with Bieber and wrote the message:

The message already has more than 2.4 million “likes” on the social network.

“The light of the sun falls into the abyss, as I fall between your lips. The waves break on the shore. My love for you grows more and more. The sound of crickets is a true meditation. I think of you, the greatest creation of God. While I fall into this wonderful this reflect on how you are my only SOUL MATE“he said in the first part of the text.

“I wanted to re-dedicate myself to God in that way because I really felt that it was better for the condition of my soul, and I believe that God blessed me with Hailey as a result. There are advantages, you get rewards for good behavior.”

The message of Baldwin to celebrate your wedding with Bieber arrived in the middle of the scandal which generated a Twitter thread of the user @crisayonara on the relationship between the singer and Selena Gomez.

The names of the two singers became the trend in the social network throughout the weekend, as another account called Memes Gomez he devoted himself to translating the messages of @crisayonara from Portuguese to Spanish.

In the thread called “All the betrayals that Justin did to Selena” it is documented with dates and images of the alleged infidelities of the singer to Gomez, how these issues fractured his relationship with Taylor Swift, the reactions of Selena in networks each time that Bieber was linked with another woman and how he lamented that the singer he liked, only the models.

Also documented the relationship with Hailey Baldwin, as although their romance seemed abrupt, because in just a few months went from being boyfriends to be husbands, they actually had contact for years.