I have a mess! Rita Ora shoots the alarm with this photo


We can say without fear to be mistaken that Rita Ora has done to itself and its success, beyond what one may think, has the merit of the effort and constancy, united with the talent and the fortune. The singer, originally from kosovo, did not have an easy, as any of his countrymen during that era, in the 90’s. However, she, at least, did manage to get thanks to his parents out of the old Yugoslavia and settle in London.

From there managed to slowly cobbling together a future, that she always had clear that I had to go directed toward the world of the song. So much so that it was presented to a contest, in a contest which was to elucidate who was going to represent Great Britain in Eurovision. The championship, if so can be called, had by title ‘Eurovision: Your Country Needs You’ but turned out to be a fiasco for Ritathat came out involuntarily from that experience.

The success will come after, of the hands of one of the producers and singers most powerful of the music industry, now husband of Beyoncé, Jay -Z. And is that Rita traveled to New York in 2009, where he signed a contract with Roc Nation. Once of the hand of the rapper, his career, little by little, he was hurtling to stardom today, where it occupies the first lists as one of the artists most valuable in the panorama of pop, hip hop and R&B current.

But another of the circumstances that have made Rita a personality and irreverence are his appearances in the social networks, where the singer usually display content that is risque, striking, or with allusions which have a high content controversial. In that is unique, the style of the queen of pop, Madonna. As it happens in this photo of Rita is shown with a look very daring and challengingthat will not we had seen before, which highlights your makeup and a leather jacket biker empowering as a figure with weight and strength. Brutal, the alarms of all its fans have been heard to give fans non-stop.

Rita Ora in London