It’s not suitable for cardiac! Natalia Barulich’s girlfriend Maluma shares sensual photo


Maluma is one of the men most coveted of the moment, with its incredible ascent on the music and rub elbows with artists of the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Thalia, and Jason Derulo, his life is not free from controversy, or his heart is free.

The colombian met his current lovesomething that the couple highlights this all the time, in one of his video clips, precisely in the success of “Happy 4”. And since then Maluma it is a one-woman man.

Natalia Barulich it is a beautiful dancer and model millionaire originally from Croatia, is the partner of one of the personalities most searched and sought entertainment.

Natalia jumped without any problem to the media coverage, today the model is a phenomenon that by its curves and provocative, it takes a lot of attention.

The most recent example is the post I shared the dancer in their networks, driving a huge motorcycle, and wearing a tiny bikini, enhances the speed and curves of the beautiful girl.