Jason Blum, producer of ‘Let me out’ or ‘The Purge’, reflects on the film post-coronavirus


Producer Jason Blum has talked about the impact of the pandemic coronavirus in the film industry, especially in the movie theaters and the new releases in streaming. In the program Ben Shapiro, Blum has spoken about his perspective on the future of Hollywood.

“I don’t think it is realistic to think that all the studies are going to wait four months to put a film in streaming. They can’t compete. Have to compete with Amazon, Netflix and Apple in a different way. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but it’s definitely the coronavirus is going to affect their foundations in the film industry. Not only while it is happening, but after you overcome it. There will be changes: the consumer will be accustomed to being at homeexplains the producer.

Jason Blum 'The Invisible Man'

Speaking specifically of the horror genre, the specialty of Blumhouse, and how important it is to experience a scary movie surrounded by other people: “I don’t think that the theaters are going to disappear. I believe that the collective experience of going to a cinema to see a movie is going to continue to exist for a long time. I think that there will be less movies in the theaters, there will be fewer options, or should I say there will be a lot less movies in rooms with a window and there will be many movies that will be in the rooms but that will last only a week or two. Specifically, the horror film, people get to see it in streaming but it is almost impossible to be scared watching a scary movie in streaming.

“With almost any other genre you can avert your eyes and look at an email and you’re not going to lose a lot. But, the way in which a good scare, the way in which they do it, James Wan or Leigh Whannell, is super choreographed, you have to be paying attention. If you turn away the sight of ten seconds or a minute before it reaches the shock, does not give you fearsays Blum. The last movies in which has participated the producer will be premiered on streaming: ‘The invisible man’ and ‘The hunt’.

The controversy and ‘The hunt’

Blum also talked about the controversy that has lifted up his film ‘The hunt’. The producer admits that you will receive a lot of negative response for doing the interview with Ben Shapiro and precisely that was what encouraged him to make it: “I researched a lot about it before coming because I was told and I have seen what you say and what you do and you have only expressed a conservative view. I think a lot of different things to defend you, but we certainly have many more things in common that are not our political ideas. The idea that we can not talk between us or not I can come to your show makes me mad. We need to talk, even though we may not agree. That’s why I did ‘The fighter’ and that’s why I’m here with you.

‘The hunt’ is about a group of rich liberal american who mounted a hunt for people once a year. The controversy began when the tape was canceled after recent mass shootings in Ohio and Texas. The president Trump criticized this tape and blamed for creating violence and racism.