Jennifer Lopez dares and it makes the photos more risky. You won’t see anything like it!

March 28, 2020
(13:05 CET)

There were the very few that, some years ago, when social networks began to appear and, above all, when Instagram became one of the most utilized, pointed out that singers like Jennifer Lopez is going to be left behind with respect to other young people.

Being a social network dominated by the millenials, there were many who predicted that JLo she would be great. A forecast more than wrong. And it is that, while it is true that the singer of the Bronx it is not exactly a young singer who wants to make known to the world, Jennifer has made it very clear that dominates Instagram like any other millennial.

In fact, it is one of the singers with the highest number of followers on Instagram, among other things, because, as is usual, the of New York you often gamble for publications very risqué, and in which sensuality is the protagonist of all of them.

The photos most risky of Jennifer Lopez

A good example of this can be found in one of the latest publications from one of the accounts managed by his followers. Images that correspond to the photo session that made Jennifer for a well known magazine and on the that we see in positions certainly ‘dangerous’.

Whether you are walking with heels over the edge of a roof or doing highwire (obviously in the picture the Photoshop it is one of the keys), Jennifer appears as sensuous as it is usual.

Hence, his followers have not made another thing that to give the button like, compulsively. And is that all that is to see Lopez with outfits risky positions ‘risky’, it is often synonymous with success. This case is a good example of this.

Need to know now yeah Jennifer dare to do highwire of truth. Being as it is a very brave woman where there, it would not be surprising. In the end, with 50 years left many with his mouth open making stripper.

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