José Ron confirms his courtship with Jessica Diaz with a romantic message, Pure love!


The actor of Televisa José Ron no longer wanted to continue hiding his romance with the actress and singer Jessica Diazso he turned to his account of Instagram to show off a romantic photo published accompanied by a loving message. It’s pure love!

The fans José Ron 38-year-old and Jessica Diaz 29-year-old, are very happy that the couple has finally decided to go public with their dating relationship that allegedly started from the end of 2019. The couple knew from over 5 years ago, however, José is known for being a “broken hearts”, something that does not avail much to Jessica.

In addition, the singer and actress did not want to be famous for being “the girlfriend of José Ron,” for which began to leave in secret with the actor in a romantic way and not just as friends. However, the actor of “I give You life” he left some tracks to be really in love with Jessica Diaz on his Instagram, when she shared photos with the actress of Televisa.

José Ron declares his love to Jessica Diaz

By a romantic photo, José Ron congratulated his girlfriend Jessica Diaz on Instagram for his birthday, where both look very much in love and he wrote to him how happy she is now that she is on his side:

  • “I say that man proposes but God disposes!” Today I feel the most happy and fortunate that you’ve chosen me, of the way that I chose you to you! Embrace your heart strong for me to sit there with you. I wish That God continue to fulfill your dreams and that you will allow me to be a part of them.”, posted by José Ron on Instagram.

But the publication did not stick as well, since Jessica Diaz decided to respond to her romantic boyfriend with a few tender words:

“That blessing so nice it is to have you in my life, neither you nor I believe that after 5 years of friends now we say “love””.

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The announcement of the romance has made very happy the fans of both actors of Televisa who were already very excited about the idea that Jose Ron and Jessica Diaz are engaged, and finally they have “shouted” their love to the four winds.

Jessica Diaz also gave a loving message to José Ron/Photo: Instagram

Jessica Diaz also gave a loving message to José Ron/Photo: Instagram