Juan Pablo Galavis and Osmariel Villalobos gave the “Yes”, at a wedding discreet (PHOTOS)


Juan Pablo Galavis who was the protagonist of the program “The Bachelor”, married with the model venezuelan Osmariel Villalobos in an intimate ceremony in Miami.

The wedding was first announced by Chris Harrison during the season finale Monday night of “The Bachelorette”.

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Through his Instagram, the tv presenter posted a picture look of your wedding dress, the designer venezuelan Alejandro Fajardo.

“Yes, I got married by the civil and we’re happy,” wrote Osmariel. In addition he said that he did it all in secret and thanked his accomplices.


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“Millions of thanks to so many people that worked with me in secret to make this dream a reality”, can be read alongside the publication where Villalobos, 29, is seen smiling in his black and white photo.

The wedding was held last Saturday, the same day as the birthday of Juan Pablo. In another photo the model commented, “I love You, husband mine.”


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In this image the couple is at the point of giving a kiss and the player embraces it; what my attention is that his hand is on her butt.

The couple started their romantic relationship in 2016. They met when a mutual friend showed him the photo of Villalobos to Galavis and he asked, “Who is that girl? It’s linda, ” said John Paul People in the past year.


“He told me: ‘If you find one in real life, you die. She is great!’ “finished the american.

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