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The model Hailey Baldwin, the wife of Justin Bieber, has received criticism in the social network Instagram in support of the celebration of Halloween even though she practiced the christian religion.

Despite the fact that Halloween is a celebration forbidden to christians, Hailey Baldwin like to wear a sexy costume in the celebrations of October 31.

Hailey Bieber was criticized for celebrating Halloween. [FOTO: Instagram]

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Although she defended her decision to go out to have fun on this date with a sexy costume, there was no shortage of criticism on the social network Instagram. This was what he wrote on the platform:

Through their stories Hailey Bieber defended himself from the criticism received. [FOTO: Instagram]

“I am a christian. You know what that means historically? It means that redefines everything about the culture. A pagan festival of the winter solstice? Oh, that is now the birthday of Jesus. The pagan festival of spring? That is the feast of easter.I have no fear of the world. I don’t have to fear no evil or demon. Halloween is my celebration and I take all the candy for the glory of God and the celebration of the saints. I seen as I want, of my favorite characters. It’s my party and you are invited. I am alive, now, give me a sweet.”

Hailey Bieber expressed that takes advantage of Halloween to dress as you want because it is a party. [FOTO: Instagram]

The message of Hailey Baldwin, the wife of Justin Bieber, in Instagramprovoked strong criticism against it. Even, some users have classified it to be “the worst christian” by a part of the celebration on October 31.

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The Google search engine displays the criticisms of “false christian” against Hailey Bieber. [FOTO: Instagram]

In the latest publications that made the model on the social network, you can read comments from members of the christian community, who have called attention by participating in this event.

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The sexy Halloween costume for Hailey Baldwin and Kendall Jenner

Hailey Baldwin and Kendall Jenner showed that they take very seriously Halloween. They were for playing dress-up together in “The powerpuff girls”.

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While Kendall Jenner appeared at a party with lingerie, the wife of Justin Bieber was more stuffed up and showing off their legs with a costume of a Bubble.

Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber in Halloween

Despite the fact that you are a christian, the partner of fashion, Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber, celebrate Halloween. They have received criticism for wearing costumes of famous characters even though their religion is prohibited.

The costumes that they used Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin to celebrate Halloween, 2019. [FOTO: Instagram]

What costume you used Justin Bieber?

The canadian singer published in their stories of Instagram, a picture of her using the mascara Jason Voorhees, character from the horror movie Friday the 13th. However, a better characterization achieved by shaming the YouTube star, Edwin Rodriguez known as “Ed Bassmaster”known for put in uncomfortable situations to ordinary people in the street.

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How many followers Hailey Baldwin in Instagram?

Hailey Baldwin followers on Instagram

The model Hailey Baldwin22-year-old has 23.3 million followers on Instagram. His fame grew after interacting romantically with the singer Justin Bieber.

The guise of Hailey Baldwin on Halloween, 2019

The model Hailey Baldwin, wife of Justin Bieber, chose the character Lola Bunny, the couple of rabbit Bugs Bunny.

Hailey Baldwin

She went out with her friends, including Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. Despite the fact that he went out to have fun for Halloween, your husband Justin Bieber is not accompanied.

Justin Bieber left her alone to Hailey Baldwin on Halloween, 2019

The singer Justin Bieber took the decision not to accompany Hailey Baldwin to a Halloween party which was attended by famous Hollywood celebrities.

He preferred to stay single and at home watching series while I enjoyed a few beers.

justin bieber instagram

While Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin were having fun in Halloween, what did Selena Gomez?

Singer Selena Gomez not joined any party Halloweenso we decided to spend the 31st October in the comfort of your house and receiving gifts from brands.

selena gomez instagram

What if did was share a souvenir photo in your account of Instagram. Selena Gomez shared a photo of when she was a girl that appeared, disguised as a witch.

“Honestly, my mom broke up with my costumes. Happy Halloween,” she wrote on Instagram.

Hailey Baldwin defends her marriage after new song of Selena Gomez “Lose you to love me”

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The model Hailey Baldwin was surprised with a message to minutes of that Selena Gomez he released his new song “Lose you to love me”, which is a farewell final to Justin Bieber.

The song “Lose you to love me” it is the end of the love story of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber that the tormented for several years.

The launch of this theme was given after the holding of the marriage of Hailey Baldwin.

This was the wedding dress of Hailey Baldwin

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The model allowed a well-known magazine accompany you to the test of her wedding dress.

Hailey Baldwin showed the small details that she wanted that appeared in his outfit when he gave “I do,” the singer Justin Bieber.

This was the promise of Justin Bieber Hailey Baldwin before her marriage

Hailey Baldwin Instagram

The model Hailey Baldwin received a romantic message from Justin Bieber before you say, “yes, I accept”.

Through the social network Instagram, the singer wrote that he was going to take care of it when you become his wife, and that he hoped to have many children in the family.

What Hailey Baldwin reportedly made death threats against Selena Gomez?

The premiere of the song “Lose you to love me” Selena Gomez provoked a number of reactions among the famous. One of them was the model Hailey Baldwin, who shared a song called “I’ll kill you” minutes after the singer launched his musical theme dedicated to the toxic relationship that you lived with Justin Bieber.