Justin Bieber is tired of having to prove that he loves Hailey Baldwin


Justin Bieber used social media to make it clear what he feels for his wife Hailey Baldwin

Since he started going out with Justin, Hailey has been the victim of the constant comparisons to Selena Gomez, then there are those who remain convinced that the canadian is still in love with his ex.

Justin already made it clear that he is madly in love with Hailey and has left Selena in the past; however, he took his account of Instagram to again assure you that Hailey is the girl of his dreams.

The interpreter of ‘Yummy’ shared a picture that says: “I love my wife”and explained the reason that we like to do these small details for Hailey:

Don’t publish this to prove anything, nor to try to make people believe that I love my wife. I just think that it is something honorable to recognize, publicly, to your partner. It is as if we all agree to recognize an achievement or award, but they think that there has to be something murky to say something publicly about the person that you love. I don’t have anything to prove to the to say that I love my wife. I just think that there is power in putting your wife on a pedestal! I like to make my wife feel special and appreciated, I have done many great things, but I don’t think anything looks like so that”.

What do you guys think of the constant details that you have Justin with Hailey in social networks?, do you think that it is the best way to demonstrate the love which is it?

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