Kylie Jenner is full of love and Instagram with an adorable photo of Stormi Webster


The younger sister of the Kardashian-Jenner is enjoying the quarantine to the side of your baby Stormi Webster. Therefore, Kylie Jenner decided to fill with love and happiness to your account Instagram with an adorable photo of his daughter while taking a bath. The image has become one of the favorite of the fans.

The baby Stormi Webster their short 2 years of age, is one of the most wealthy in the world, thanks to her mom, businesswoman Kylie Jenner decided to heredarle all of his impressive fortune. Remember that Kylie is a women’s wealthiest and most powerful in the world thanks to the empire that has consolidated with its line of makeup and products for skin care.

However, Stormi is still a little girl who does not know of the great responsibility they will have in a few years. So the daughter of the rapper Travis Scott, is now enjoying spending more time with his young mother, Kylie Jenner, while they are both in quarantine by the Coronavirus.

Kylie Jenner and Stormi on Instagram

Kylie Jenner of 22 years decided to share a tender photo of his daughter in his account of Instagram. But this image has become a favorite of the more than 168 million followers of the entrepreneur and influencer. In the photo we see the small Stormi while taking a bubble bath and looks very happy.

It was Kylie who wrote in the publication that this picture made her very happy, and apparently, also his fans, because the adorable photo received a million likes and thousands of comments stating that Stormi Webster looked too tender in the image. In addition, many claim that the baby every day is looking much more to the influencer.

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Despite being a business woman, Kylie Jenner has always been given the time to be able to be with her daughter Stormi and enjoy the good times with her. And now that it is the quarantine, the youngest of the clan Kardashian-Jenner has shown that you can spend much more time with her baby of 2 years.