Legend supports all of the arts


“Most of the artists noson millionaires”

MEXICO (Notimex).— The composer and american singer John Legend endorsed their support to the artistic community.

In their social networks, the interpreter of songs like “Love Me Now” and “All Of Me”, he replied to a message shared by the american writer Jamie Ford, who, ironically, said: “why are we requesting emergency aid for the arts?”.

Legend, who in February joined season 16 of “The Voice”, to the side of Kelly Clarkson, he resumed the publication of Ford to add: “keep in mind that most artists are not millionaires. Most live from paycheck to paycheck, as much of the rest of the country, and the checks aren’t even a day.”

The winner of multiple Grammy awards, a Golden Globe and the Oscar for the song “Glory”, which formed part of the film “Selma” (2014), further elaborated that the support of the arts should not be only for those who engage in it, but also for those who are in charge of operating tasks and the community that surrounds them.

The message of the Legend was well received by his followers and by the artistic community, as Lyn Paolo, costume designer of “Scandal”, who shared: “While everyone in the house look at what was created in the tv, we bring, hope, joy and entertainment during the good times and bad times”.

For his part, the actor John Lloyd Young who won a Tony award for his character of Frankie Valli, in “Jersey Boys”, said: “Thank you John. You have a great platform that reminds the people that some artists have less scope, but they are still artists and still remain americans.”

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