Maluma and the eccentric gift to Natalia Barulich that has not left indifferent anybody


Maluma and his girl, the international model, Natalia Barulich have served two years of dating and have held high for everything, and of course, what have been shared on networks. It was just a question! The celebration began on a plane, during the flight, the model, dancer and Dj shared a video congratulating his boy, with a “happy two years together, my angel.” Everything seems to have celebrated their anniversary in one of the Greek islands most famous and romantic: Mykonos.

To celebrate these two years, the singer has left a path covered with rose petals that she went and that led to a room presided over by a huge bouquet of flowers that rested on the bed, accompanied with a romantic photo of the two and with a message hidden in scroll form, and that we still do not know the content. Oh, how romantic everything!

The model and singer met there by 2017, during the recording of a video clip of one of the most controversial issues of the colombian singer, ‘Happy 4’. Since then they have not stopped sharing your relationship and your love on the social networks. The Instagram Maluma has a touch more professional and almost all of the content has to do with his musical career, although it is not able to contain themselves and a photo about your love affair will escape to Medellin.

The confirmation of this relationship and how happy we both are displayed in the social networks assort all rumors about if Maluma could have a relationship with one of its singers, but to feed it and give more strength to the rumors about the possible pregnancy. For the moment we are left with the signs of affection that they both have, and let’s leave the rumors aside. At least until any of them for more information. Long live the love!