María Patiño in a bikini (and back). Emma Garcia hallucinates. “What this evil is?”

March 28, 2020
(10:59 CET)

María Patiño is one of the presenters, and partners Telecinco that more impact has in the social networks. Among other things because the presenter of Socialite is loved and hated in equal parts.

There are many who consider that is one of the best workers of the chain precisely for that reason, because it is not that pass exactly unnoticed. If something like Paolo Vasile is that all and every one of you that appear in your string to be controversial. And Mary what is.

And more in the social networks where this love and this hatred will profess to many is reflected in each and every one of the publications that hangs Patiño in your Instagram. An account that, although not against a large number of followers, taking account of their fame (328.000 followers, it usually to become in a scenario in which the host hangs up their best photos.

The photo of Maria Patino bikini

A Patiño that, as you well know those who follow since many years ago, is a very conceited women. Has always been in the aesthetics and in his image, something very present.

In fact, there have been a few times that it has gone to the surgeon to do any other retouching. And it is there where his haters tend to attack it. In this case they have done so with a photo that, as you well know, Emma Garcia, who knows very well that side flirty Mary, Patiño would today if I could.

María Patiño

A photo in which we see the host of Telecinco back on the beach wearing a bikini which, for many, “you feel fatal”. Is more, the comments in this regard have multiplied.

Mother of mine what a body more ugly”, “Horrible”, “So How bad is it?”, “I do not know how there are still people who says that She has a tipazo” or “it Will be all smug, but it is clear that this bikini doesn’t do you any favors…quite the opposite” these are just some of the many comments in this regard.

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