Myrka Dellanos impresses with sexy body and beauty, what Better than Alexa Dellanos?


The journalist and host Myrka Dellanos he has impressed his followers of social networks at the look currently much younger, with a sexy body and a great beauty; because of this, their fans have even said that Myrka looks much better than her daughter, the model Alexa Dellanos.

Myrka Dellanos to their 54 years of age looks better than any twenty-something. The driver of Telemundo has lost a bit of weight, which has made it look a lot more thin and with a mini waist of myocardial infarction has fallen in love with so much more to their millions of followers on Instagram.

Even the public have commented that Myrka looks much younger and beautiful your 24 year old daughter, the model and influencer Alexa Dellanos. Although both have resorted to plastic surgery to highlight their physical attributes, there are hundreds of the followers of myrka Dellanos who have said that the journalist I was much younger than your daughter, they even look like sisters.

The fans claim that Myrka looks better than Alexa/Photo: Instagram

The fans claim that Myrka looks better than Alexa/Photo: Instagram

Myrka Dellanos before

The cuban-american Myrka Bárbara Dellanos is a popular tv presenter, journalist and writer. His fame became even greater after that maintained a romance with singer Luis Miguel years ago, it was even said that they are committed, but their relationship ended in 2005, after 2 years of being together.

Luis Miguel and Myrka Dellanos/Photos: Univision

Luis Miguel and Myrka Dellanos/Photos: Univision

Before her romance with the interpreter, Luis Miguel, Myrka Dellanos had already become the mother of Alexa Carolina Loynáz Dellanos, when he was married to dr. Alexander Loynáz in the 90’s.

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Myrka Dellanos is considered one of the most beautiful women on american television, despite having more than 50 years. The journalist has learned to keep her youth, body, and beauty; there are those who even claim that it looks much better than before, and the years it seems that do not spend on it.