Natalia Barulich, and the confession about their relationship with Maluma that no one expected


The Croatian model Natalia Barulich takes two years of relationship with Maluma, consolidating its position as one of the couples most permanent of the music industry. They met filming the video clip ‘Happy four’, and decided to take advantage of the chemistry they had in the camera to make it into something real.

He was recently interviewed in the colombian program of The Network, and Natalia Barulich when asked about Maluma confessed that, when they began to know each other, the relationship they had would not happen to be something serious.

“I never thought that we would have the deep relationship that we have. I judged your kind of life. The first time I saw him of course was a “wow, it is beautiful”, but I didn’t think that would be a serious thing.” These two years of romance seems to show that appearances deceive, as the couple is more united than ever.

Maluma is one of the singers most attractive of the Latin music, and his girlfriend knows it; it is not unknown that the interpreter of ‘HP’ has a retinue of followers, but Natalia Barulich ensures that you do not feel jealousy, it is normal to pay attention to him. Maluma not doubt to show their appeal in the social networks, leaving always more of a fan with the mouth open.

Ancestry Croatian and cuban, Natalia Barulich was born in 1992, being two years older than her boyfriend Maluma. He began his professional career with five years as a ballet dancer, but years later decided to try in the fashion world, signing with major firms such as Guess. Maluma was not his first contact in the world of music; he rose to fame in the industry because of its appearance in the video clip ‘Work Bitch’ Britney Spears’, where the model appears beaten with a whip by the princess of pop.

It is the most shared details of their courtship on the social networks. Maluma supports all the work that Natalia Barulich done, and she does the same thing.