Natalia Barulich exhibits your EXQUISITE ATTRIBUTES without Maluma (PHOTO)


The summer of 2019 is all what gives with the poses of the various celebrities that are donning their sculptural bodies that cause the envy of many internet users.

This is why the cuban model-Croatian Natalia Barulich, has impacted on his Instagram to raise the temperatures with a pose that is shaking up social networks.

The bride of the colombian singer of urban music Maluma, to the pure style of summer has shared a picture with his 2.4 million followers in which he can be seen posing with a bikini of red and white stripes that mark perfectly every one of his exquisite physical attributes.

It is customary at this season of the year the beautiful Natalia Barulich, is see wearing that outfit summery with the who makes it very clear that it has one of the bodies most envied within the virtual world and the real life also.

Recently, the young model, she starred in a photo shoot from the paradisiacal Greek island of Mykonos and with that it also left very little to the imagination when you go out sporting a sexy blue bikini, which also left gawking to many of his followers.

But that’s not all, as also highlighted in a beautiful swimsuit, white in color, and with V-shaped neckline that she wore a few weeks ago in your account, which is accompanied by a matching hat that provided a touch of elegance and sophistication to your style of beach.

The exquisite figure of Natalia, among many other attributes, has earned it to earn a place among the faces most sought after within the world of the famous models, as well as to achieve and conquer, and fall in love with the heart of the “Pretty Boy” of the urban music.

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It should be recalled that few weeks ago, Natalia Barulich, and Maluma were more in love than ever, and as part of these romantic moments that they lived together, they decided to recreate the iconic scene from the movie “Titanic” where Jack teaches him to “fly” to Rose.