Natalia Barulich impacts with a video session that leaves without words to Maluma


Probably Natalia Barulich is one of the most envied women on the planet, due to being the girlfriend of the artist known worldwide Maluma. In addition, the model has some measures of heart attack that make the followers of the colombian singer think About so much and others, too,” every time that Natalia post a picture in your account of Instagram.

The model has returned to revolutionize the social network this week due to an image that has been shared from the island of Mykonos, where he was enjoying a few days of holiday and rest. In the image is posing with a flattering bikini dark blue with that has raised passions among its followers of Instagram.

Natalia knows how to highlight her figure and clothes fit better, so always hit the mark with their looks, in addition due to its spectacular figure all you feel well. The publication in which it appears with the blue bikini dark has not gone unnoticed by his 2.3 million followers, they have given almost off 260,000 ‘likes’. In addition, the publication has thousands of comments among which are those of Georgina Rodriguez, and Paris Hilton.

Any publication summer of Natalia Barulich is causing a sensation. Days before the model had already taken thousands of messages and the flattery of their followers because of a picture in which appears with a red bikini. An image that left without words to own Maluma.

Natalia Barulich and Maluma are one of the couples most consolidated in the panorama of latino artists. Their love story began during the shooting of the videoclip of the famous song of the colombian ‘Happy four’, and now, two years later, the couple has just celebrated its second anniversary.

It is customary for the couple to share pictures of their moments together since they made official their relationship. Despite his professional commitments and his continuous travels around the world, the couple always makes time to be together with your dog Juliet. And for the moment, the relationship is going from strength to strength.