Natalia Barulich, the million-dollar Croatian who has conquered Maluma | People and Celebrity


Two years ago, Maluma reached international success with the theme Happy 4probably their most popular song to date. It was also one of the first controversies that have often accompanied the colombian singer, criticized for using allegedly a message sexist in their lyrics, covers and video clips. During the filming of the video, which narrated the story of a three-band, Maluma met Natalia Barulich, and began a relationship. Even if they have never hidden and have shared in your social networks images together, the artist has sought to express in Instagram that your relationship today, is really entrenched. It was last Monday, coinciding with the birthday of it, with the message: “Really the gift it is for me to have you by my side all day. I love you Natalia”. This is the first time that you have shared a photo of your girlfriend singleand in fact we apologized at the same time with a “I know I’m going to kill him for this picture”, but all the spotlights were already on the woman who has fallen in love with one of the most wanted men. This is a woman with a long career and his own fortune, which does not impress to be with the great star of Latin music today. For it is not Maluma, in fact calls him “my John Louis”.

He was born in Los Angeles in 1992, two years before Maluma, but Natalia Barulich has ancestry Croatian and cuban. At age five she began her training as a ballet dancer. The dance took the leap to the world of fashion, and became one of the main models of brands such as Guess. Has been the cover of magazines such as FHM or Esquire and presented to Miss California. She gained much fame after appearing in the music video of Britney Spears Work Bitchbecause in him, Barulich looked very sexy being whipped with a whip by the princess of pop. A first contact with the world of music shortly after he was your next professional step. From four years ago to form an artistic duo of dj with his friend the colombian Esther Anaya. Under the name of Atmsphre or Natalia&Esther, the duo of DJs latino performed the sessions in which they combine violin live (played by Esther), and voice, as Natalia sings. The two also use their bowling to show off a fashion of first signatures. Barulich, therefore, does not waive any of its facets, but gathers them all to the public.

Just take a look at their publications more ancient on Instagram to verify that Natalia Barulich has enjoyed a life of luxury long before they know Maluma. In addition to having triumphed as a model, is the daughter of a prominent industrialist from Zagreb (Croatia) that has grown up with all of the amenities while she was preparing to be a dancer. Since he began his relationship with Maluma its popularity has not stopped growing. Fans of the colombian were not long in can scan it in detail and brought to light old photos to show that Natalia would have done numerous aesthetic touches on the face and in the chest. Although they had already been published, she deleted it from his profile of Instagram. Last summer Maluma shared a picture next to it in that celebrated its first anniversary. “The love of my life”, wrote then the singer.

She is the one who most shares details of their courtship in the networks. From a photo romantic next to the Christmas tree, the gift that made him Maluma by the recent festivities, a horse in miniature. Also many messages of love, which has revealed that live together in a spectacular mansion in Los Angeles, although she dreams of retiring in Monte carlo. Still have not collaborated musically, but Maluma supports the career of his girlfriend, and the duo Natalia&Esther accompanied the colombian during his european tour last year, acting in a support band in some cities. However, it is defined as an empowered woman and very independent whose dream is to be headlining the major festivals with his group and bring together thousands of people who connect with your music and with her alone.