Norman Reedus and Greg Nicotero (‘The Walking Dead’) – make your restaurant a food shop


With the health crisis, and the confinement in our homes, the panic has gripped the citizens who buy so exorbitant in supermarkets and food stores. In this way, the products most basic is quickly exhausted, leaving many people without them. One of the protagonists of ‘The Walking Dead’, Norman Reedus, and the director and executive producer of the series, Greg Nicotero, have wanted to contribute their grain of sand and have opened a shop of emergency power.

Norman Reedus Greg Nicotero The Walking Dead

Reedus and Nicotero decided to open a restaurant several years ago in Senoia (Georgia), the city in which it was recorded ‘The Walking Dead’ for ten seasons. With the crisis of the coronavirus have been closed temporarily the establishment, however, have not stopped the production, because they have become a grocery store that offers essential products that are hard to get in any supermarket. ‘Nic & Norman’s’ sells toilet paper, hand sanitizer, vegetables, dairy and meats.

“Senoia has done a lot for ‘The Walking Dead’ and we are excited to support the community with our small food shop”said Nicotero to FOX 5. “It’s a way for our employees to have work and do something good for a city that has been so good to usexplains Reedus.

The restaurant Reedus and Nicotero has associate at Sysco Foods, a company distributor of food to restaurants. With so many closed establishments, Sysco has a huge reserve of products. “We have all sorts of things that you can’t get at present in most of the supermarkets”said Scott Tigchelaar, co-owner of ‘Nic & Norman’s’.

To make this deal safely, customers who place an order online through the website of the restaurant, will have to wait to receive an email with a collection schedule to come to the place. Once there, they are the employees who loaded their purchases in the car of each client. “We hope that everyone will stay safe and watch out for each other and hopefully this will help some peoplesaid the actor who plays Daryl in the fiction. Stay safe and we will see you soonconcluded Nicotero.

‘The Walking Dead’ infected

The healthcare crisis is affecting almost all the productions and ‘The Walking Dead’ would not be less. The tenth season of the series was already in the phase of post-production, but has not been able to be completed so the season will end with episode 15. The end that had prepared it will look like a special episode later this year. In addition, this break possibly will affect the premiere of the eleventh season, which was already in pre-production.