ON VACATION! – The actress Norkys Batista was on a trip with his son and does your new boyfriend ?(+PHOTOS)


The model decided to take a well deserved holiday in the company of his son Sebastian and a man who could be special for her.

This Saturday, the actress and model from venezuela Norkys Batista posted a picture on his account of Instagram to give beginning to your family vacation. In the picture you can see that the actress decided to invite the seems to be new couple to this trip.

The city of Miami, the united States was the selected destination for this vacation. For the time being, Norkys has not wanted to share with his followers the name of someone who could be her new boyfriend.

The reaction on the part of his followers did not wait and I wanted the best of the lot; however, the publication is filled with comments controversial about the exhibition of their new relationship.

In an interview for the podcast “ Entregrados” the venezuelan had ensured that was not going to expose her next relationship to social networks . What changed his mind?

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