Osmariel Villalobos: ‘I don’t want that Goddess Channels near me ever again’ [VIDEOS y FOTOS] Celebrities


Goddess Channels and Osmariel Villalobos caught the world’s attention after starring in an unfortunate fight in the gym where they both attend. And although each one has different versions of the facts, what is certain is that the shocks we say that the attack was brutal.

Goddess Channels we spoke recently and she said that Osmariel was the one who attacked first, after she told him that he would make public the treatment which he received on the part of the driver in your program Portada’s. According to the vedette, it’s at that moment that the presenter lost the paperwork and it was over.

However, for Osmariel Villalobos things were not so. According to the model she has never treated another person with violence. ‘I marked to be with the people, cheer the life. Treat everybody equally, always with respect’, said conductive via Skype to Portada’s.

Osmariel Villalobos. Photo: Instagram
Osmariel Villalobos. Photo: Instagram

“On Friday there was a special kind (…) I’m going to my loocker, and I see that she goes through behind (…) I was like in profile, and she says to me ‘Tomorrow I’m going to destroy’”, told Villalobos in on the day of the attack, and in reference to that Goddess Channels threatened by have humiliated her supposedly telling ‘vulgar’. According to the speaker, the singer said that she would go to a program of Globovisión, to tell his truth about the abuse you received in your program Portada’s.

“I don’t pay attention, and when I’m keeping my stuff, she puts a hand on the shoulder, and the other by the waist, and I turned from the front, I retreat and say ‘me don’t touch me’. After that I came over”, said Osmariel Villalobos.

“She is lower than me, and its purpose was to arañarme the face (…) we Fell to the floor and that is when she bit me on the finger, I started screaming because the pain was horrible, I started to scream ‘Help help’. Then came the 3 bites on the leg. I was still shouting ‘Help’. The lady that cleans was the one who came in, saw the situation, and in came the coach,” said the television personality.

Finally he said that his lawyer put in a complaint at the police station against Goddess Channels on the same day of the attack. ‘Then we went to the medicatura forense for me to do the analysis’. Finally he said that he never wants to see Goddess Channels and who doesn’t want to approach you ever.


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