Osmariel Villalobos said “goodbye” to Portada’s


The cheerleader venezuela Osmariel Villalobos was fired this Tuesday on the program of entertainment Portada’s”, broadcasted by Venevision, to begin a new era as the wife of Juan Pablo Galavis, with whom he has just get married by civil in Miami, united States.
Also a model, who will be moving to the city of the sun, he wanted to say goodbye to viewers through a telephone contact then ask the production team that would not make a farewell since, in their view, “are always painful.”
“THANKS is what remains for us to say, to my venezuelan public and fans that they have always supported me, to my bosses, my coworkers, my friends and my family for so much love and understanding. I never thought that my farewell was so fast but now my priorities have changed and it is time to start to crystallize other dreams and goals. I LOVE you and THANK you for so much. ??❤”, was part of the text that you wrote the ex-beauty queen through your account in Instagram.
After the news of the wedding of tv presenter circulated the rumors about the departure of the space, as it will begin a new stage of work and personal outside of our borders.
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