‘Princess by Surprise’ return with a blog about the coronavirus written by the author of the novels


“The First Minister says that our best specialists in epidemics (this is good to know that we have of those) ensure that the only way of containing the pandemic is a thing called “social Distancing”so Mia Thermopolis, Queen of Genovia, begins to deal with the coronavirus in your day one: letting advice from the experts. A pity that you can’t move to this fictional european country that has already closed its borders with France, Italy and Monaco.

Thus it narrates the own Mia in the first person in each entry of a blog born to entertain in these times of confinement. Was the protagonist of ‘Princess-by-surprise’, now regent, reacts to the health crisis thanks to the pen of the author of the novels in which is based the movie starring Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews.

  Anne Hathaway and Chris Pine in 'Princess by surprise'

Meg Cabot joins the long list of content creators willing to offer a small window of fantasy to their fans. Cabot, in a daily blog, tells how facing your character to this exceptional situation, combining his work as a top leader of Genovia with motherhood. “The twins are too young to go to school (thank God for our nanny)”, this young queen whose voice has not changed much in the almost two decades that divide us from that tape of Disney that launched to fame at a Hathaway full of charisma that put the face with no problem to the veteran Andrews.

After that first proposal, we were able to see on the big screen a second part that chips Chris Pine as an unexpected prince charming. Since then we have not gotten to know Mia on the big screen so many fans sure celebrated this “forced” back.

The hopeful message of the Queen Mother

Andrews, who’s playing the role of the previous Queen genoviana, wanted to stay with the most positive of the terrible situation it lives in all the world, ensuring on Good Morning America that “it’s great the feeling of community that has emerged and the way in which people are coming together. In addition, this interpreter british beloved by all thanks to his roles in Mary Poppins or ‘Singing in the rain’ wanted to give a couple of recommendations and send out encouragement. “I send you all my love. Beware, follow the rules, be compassionate and kind if you can… I think in general everyone is being. Keep in contact, find a way to connect, that is what I am doing to the extent possible”.