Record Rita Ora walk (and wiggle it bursts through Instagram!)


The rhythm goes with Rita Ora to all parties, in this video we can see Rita Ora moving their hips to the beat of Only you of Yazoo. This song is one of the favorite singer, with the who has decided to start his journey and dance with her.

In this publication, the singer and british actress, invites her followers to comment on a favorite song and then collect it and make a playlist. The feedback that you have with your more than 15 million followers is unique and the comments in their publications show it.

Rita is an artist raised in Londonbut with offspring kosovo Albanian, making your beauty is of a kind exotic that captivates.

The beginning of Rita Ora

The beginning for this artist arises in 2009 when participating in the program Eurovision: Your Country Needs You, which sought to bring to light talents that are representing the Uk. When you feel down, declines and is removed from the contest. In that same year, Rita travels to New York and he gets his first contract with the record company Roc Nation, where he participates in some video clips of various artists, including Drake, this way he starts his career.

Subsequently, there are a lot of opportunities and participates as the main voice in the simple so-called Hot Right Now DJ Freshwhere you get placed as a professional singer global brand. This song managed to sneak into the first places, quickly becoming the favorite of a large number of people.

For 2012, the artist launched his first album and begins to have a lot of success, winning an award in the category for best new artist, then continued on promoting her album and touring all Uk.

His short age did not represent any impediment to continue growing and doing the hard work that has paid off in the present, turning it into a super star. Rita Ora has a talent, exotic inexhaustible.