Rita Ora is low the pants: Attention to the photo!


Rita Sahatciu Ora it is one of the singers most well known in the old continent, his music and his tone of voice has attracted great interest by the particular way as it interprets its powerful melodies. The beautiful girl does not stop taking pictures showing your unmistakable body.

Always consistent with their millions of fans, has hung a photograph to your account Instagram, where is shown with sportswear and a monkey under his hips, modelling his defined abdomen, if you enlarge the image you will notice that you do not have a drop of fat. This Yugoslav birth, understand that your body is a temple that must harmonize and take care of to feel full.

Constantly he conveys the excitement of his millions of followers posting photos where they are presented as it is, has no second poses. To Rita Ora likes to take care of your body, so it is running strong routines of exercises to maintain her flawless portrait, must be your audience, and requires you to be in the best conditions. Every time he takes the stage is an overflow of vitality and this can only be achieved with a great physical condition, the product of constant exercise, healthy lifestyle and a varied and abundant food.

By the inimitable and melodic sound that comes out of his vocal cords has attracted a great deal of musical interest to the global level. Is a woman who is not afraid of challenges and has sung on all the big stages with the best in the world.

Rita Ora has several disks

Throughout his successful musical career has been awarded with gold and platinum discs in Australia and New Zealand. He has presented at the MTV Europe Music Awards, receiving the highest praise, his songs are always at the top of the popularity and their fans go nuts when they see it. A true diva of the scenarios.