Ryan Gosling could star in and produce the tape of science fiction ‘Project Hail Mary’


It seems that Ryan Gosling will caught the gustillo to outer space in ‘First Man – The first man’. According to Deadline, the actor will star in and produce the film adaptation of the new novel by Andy Weir, ‘Project Hail Mary’. Weir is the author of several science fiction novels, among them was adapted to the film ‘The martian’ on Mars (The Martian)’ directed by Ridley Scott.

Ryan Gosling 'First Man' 'Project Hail Mary'

MGM is in negotiations to acquire the novel Weir. The book tells the lonely story of an astronaut in a space ship whose mission is to save the planet. Gosling would produce the tape along with Ken Kao and would also be the main actor in the role of the astronaut.

After ‘Mars (The Martian)’ got seven nominations to the Oscar, the novels of Weir have attracted many. ‘Artemis’ is another of his novels also adapted to the big screen, produced by 20th Century Fox and distributed by Disney. Planned to be released in February 2021 directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller. The same directors have got a deal with Universal Pictures to adapt the graphic novel, also of Weir ‘Cheshire Crossing’.

Expert in being an astronaut

In ‘First Man – The first man’, Ryan Gosling plays Neil Armstrong during the first travel of man to the moon in 1969. The children of Armstrong gave his approval to this production. In an interview with BBC Radio 1, Gosling claimed that this was the most difficult role he had ever donenot only for playing a historical figure, but by interpret for you as a parent: “The sons of Neil are not going to see a historical movie going to see his father, to his mother and to them.”. This film won the Oscar for best special effects.