Selena Gomez drops the towel when exiting the shower (and left to see this)


March 29, 2020
(13:40 CET)

There are not a few followers of Selena Gomez who, out of a time out here, claim that the american singer “it is another”. Comments such as “He has matured,” or “To be in a place that is very complicated has enabled him to be understood, respected and, therefore, be a new woman and mature” flying by the nets in recent times.

Comments that are given by see how Selena, after passing through its worst time a few months ago when he ended up admitted to a psychiatric clinic due to their problems of stress and depression, has been known to turn themselves, both emotionally and musically.

A new Selena that, unlike past times, I was constantly worried about social networking and what is said about her in the media, focuses on their wellbeing and in making the music with which she identifies. From there hits such as Lose you to love me or Dance again.

The photo of Selena Gomez

Yes, in this new life of Gomezthe sensuality that has always accompanied it has not disappeared. In fact, in one of his recent video clips is featured wearing a nightgown that left very very little to the imagination.

However, there are not a few followers of the singer who, despite being more than happy with this new facet of a more intimate Selena, still recalling their best sessions of old photos in which Gomez it showed up maybe a point more daring than now.

Selena Gomez

Hence this image in which we see Selena fresh out of the shower and it leaves very little to the imagination has become a photo viral in the last few hours. An image that generates in addition to comments by his fans as “We want more sessions so Selena” or “I miss this Selena Gomez more sensual”.

We’ll see (although it seems unlikely to happen) if the artist chooses to please its followers in this regard.