So he started Adele the decade, and so the going to end


So he started Adele the decade, and so the going to end

Adele smiling at a concert.

Sascha Steinbach / Getty Images

Adele is a singer who has been characterized by facing different obstacles to the course of his career, the biggest has certainly been related to his weight change, which in recent months has given much to talk about. Currently the singer is on the cusp of popularity, but at the beginning of the decade was very different.

1. The beginning of the decade

Adele began her career at a very early age and when he was starting the decade of 2010 had already done several jobs as an opening act and personal, yet his fame was only just beginning.

He received several awards and in 2010 had already entered in the list of simple british of the time with a couple of simple. It was not until the beginning of 2011 their second studio album with the theme “Rolling in the Deep” that the artist began to sound on all sides, and this success followed him “Someone like you“.

2. Third album and half of decade

Their third studio album was a success, in the first week of sales broke a record and positioned itself as one of the musical artists with the highest sales in the world. The single that accompanied the singer was “Hello“.

His career was going to arrive, and in his picture you could see. The singer looked much thinner than in their beginnings, in addition to the glamour with which he went up to the stage was unparalleled.

3. Divorce and currently

In October of the year 2012 married Simon Konecki, a british entrepreneur 14 years her senior with whom he would be married for 7 years. This was 2019, which the singer announced that they would be separated because he could not endure the pressure of the star that became his wife. The separation was cordial and both of them always stressed that the most important thing will always be his son, who was planning to educate equitably.

Now, the singer of 31 years is in the best moment of his career, in events he has been seen with a new look, more thin and full of life. It even came to him to relate emotionally with the singer Drake.

In their social networks has declared that this year will be focused entirely on it, so we start the new decade with many projects that his fans love.