So you stole the phone to Osmariel Villalobos (+Video) | the Gossip


Photo courtesy Twitter @osmariel

Photo courtesy Twitter @osmariel

The animator and model venezuelan, Osmariel Villalobos, he was the victim of the crime during a visit to the ice cream shop 4D las Mercedes, in Caracas.

Through your account in Instagram, the Miss Earth 2011 he shared the video of the security cameras of the local, where it shows the moment in which two women committed the theft.

“I thought the amount of times I have seen this video and still can’t believe it (…) The saddest thing is that this criminal act occurs every day in our country and we are victims of this”, wrote the leader of Portada’s.

“My message is that we are more outstanding than normal because until women commit acts so despicable as this. Helplessness, pain, anger, disappointment, sadness and stop the count, is what I feel when I see and live in a wonderful country, but with people so rotten, knowing that it is a minority because we, the venezuelan we are workers, entrepreneurs and of a good heart”, he added.