Stan Lee, is filmed in a strip club, his cameo for ‘Deadpool’?


If there is something that has featured Stan Lee within the Marvel movies has been for its unmistakable cameos. Performed around 60 cameosand without a doubt one that can not go unnoticed is that of ‘Deadpool’. In the movie starring Ryan Reynolds, we got to see Stan Lee as a DJ of a strip club, nothing more and nothing less. However, according to some statements from Rob Liefeld, creator of the well-known character who gives life to Ryan Reynolds on the big screen, it seems that at the time of shooting this scene, they played with the deception.


Liefeld has confirmed to ComicBook actually Stan Lee did not record in the strip club, if not that it was recorded in a studio and added through special effects in post-production. “And here we go to the cameo greatest of all time. We recorded alone and then mixed it in the strip club”. However, Liefeld spoke not only of this, but wanted to shed some light on the future of Josh Brolin as Cable in ‘Deadpool 2’.

Will we ever see Josh Brolin in the UCM?

In this same interview, Liefeld said that despite the fact that Josh Brolin has already appeared in the Movie Universe Marvel as Thanos, the actor would be interested in returning to the role of Cable. “Brolin wants to come back to be a Cable sooner rather than later. He loved being a Cable. He said to Me that you understand dear that is his role of Thanos, but does not seem fully to him.”. Therefore, although we still know little about the possible third installment of ‘Deadpool’ at the hands of Disney, the fact of seeing Cable seems a possibilityat least in regard to the intentions of the actor.