‘Teen Wolf’: Tyler Posey calls for a revival of the series, and other cast members join the cause


If you’re a fan of ‘Teen Wolf’, you’re out of luck, and if you don’t… already have an excuse to start watching it. The series, starring Tyler Posey in the role of Scott McCall, chronicles the adventures of a young werewolf who is still in the institute and he already has to deal with big problems like saving the world. But, obviously, it will not be alone, but his friends, Stiles (Dylan O’brien), Lydia (Holland Roden), Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) and Malia (Shelley Henning), among others, will not hesitate to lend a hand.

  'Teen Wolf'

While it is true that the series ended a little over two years and many think it still has a very little time for a revival, some of the actors don’t agree and are eager to make onewhat will be the effects of the quarantine?

Specifically, it has been the own Tyler Posey, and two more colleagues of the cast, Colton Haynes and Cody Christian, who via Twitter have shown their desire the fans and the MTV.

“Hi MTV, I think that it is time to bring back teen wolf for a few new episodes. First family vacation to the Jersey shore. Now a meeting of the institute of teen wolf. I’m ready. And the 28 is a good age”

“I’m super into”

“I’m inside!”

Perhaps the actors are not going as badly designed as that, when the series ended in 2017, MTV confessed his intended restart ‘Teen Wolf’ with a new castalthough the thing is not finished curdle. What is certain is that, as she told the showrruner, Jeff Davis, to Entertainment Weekly then: “We didn’t want a final that said “end”. We wanted it to be a “and the adventure continues”. I like to imagine that they are going to continue the fight”.

What would make sense?

Make a revival would not be as far-fetched as the series had an open end: despite the fact that Scott wins the final battle against Anuk-Ite, and save your entire herd, Monroe manages to escape and gather an army of hunters, so that McCall must prepare his new clan to the battle and get out of the city to recruit more werewolves.

Perhaps the actors have a reason, but… would it be advisable to wait a little bit longer? We must be attentive to the networks to see if MTV decides to listen to his request.