The 10 best songs of Adele


Adele is one of the best singers in the history of music, an artist with a unique voice and an amazing talent for composing songs. Today we want to make a collection with the best songs of Adele, all of them great successes.

The last album published by Adele was in the year 2015, and later announced that it would be a few years removed to be able to devote exclusively to the rearing of his child, who currently has 7 years old.

These are the best songs of Adele

  1. “Skyfall”: this song was composed for the James Bond film of the same title, and with it won the Oscar for best original song in the year 2013.
  2. “Hello”: the first single from his latest album, “25”, was a resounding success, the first song to surpass the one million digital sales in just one week in the united States.
  3. “Rolling in the Deep”: included in their second album “21” has surpassed the 17 million sales around the world.
  4. “Send my love (To your new lover)”: was the third single from the album “25”.
  5. “Set fire to the rain”: without doubt one of the best songs of Adele, ” which took the Grammy for it.
  6. “Someone like you”: one of their most emotional songs and also took a Grammy, in addition to being number one in sales in many countries.
  7. “When we were young”: that belongs to his last studio album, “25”, reached number 1 in the United Kingdom and the united States, and was among the top 30 in many countries.
  8. “Turning tables”: another of the best songs of Adele and succeeded in achieving very good positions on a large number of countries.
  9. “Hometown glory”: it was the first single from their first album, “21”, and got a nomination for the Grammy, though not finally took.
  10. “Water under the bridge”: it was the fourth single of “25” and chose it as the soundtrack of the brazilian soap opera “A Lei do Amor”.