The 5 bikinis more sensual Alexa Dellanos


Alexa Dellanos it is beautiful and sexy daughter Myrka Dellanos. With its beauty has managed to become a figure of social networks and their more than 2 million followers on Instagram shares daring pictures where presumed to be her body in a bikini. Today we leave their best shots.

1. As a Barbie

In this tiny blue bikini, Alexa is showed as a Barbie doll and is that his proportions and his hair blonde did his followers to the compare with the doll.

2. Set black

The color black is not the ideal to go to the beach, but with this set Alexa showed that everything is in the style. Your beautiful figure is revealed in this bikini that left nothing to the imagination.

3. Of colors

A set crazy the did you see as a beautiful mermaid. This paste bikini was mesmerizing to his followers, who gave him the gift of more than 120 thousand “likes”.

4. Ready for adventure

A bikini white which combined to perfection with a few tennis. There is No doubt that Alexa is always ready for adventure.

5. In blue

A model which covered the entire top but almost discovers it all down. His followers were of the opinion that the alección was very good to go on vacation.