The bride Maluma (Natalia Barulich) opens up the legs (and this happens)


Maluma and Natalia Barulich

August 21, 2019
(12:10 CET)

Follow very closely the social network of Natalia Barulich, specifically its account of Instagram, where it has millions of followers. And not to be the girlfriend of one of the most famous singers at the international level. The model has carved out a great present and future in his artistic career based on dedication and effort. Has worked much your body with tough training sessions daily and a good diet. We are not surprised that she loves to teach it.

Precisely Maluma and Natalia Barulich, who met him in a video clip of the young man, Happy 4one of the most popular songs. His followers love it when the model comes out with so little clothes and now we find ourselves at the right time for it. However, there are always others that don’t seem such a good idea. “You sell your body”, write. And have come to calling her names for her provocative photographs.

This summer the couple has gifted us with funny videos on his yacht and even in the hotel your vacation in Mykonos. The Greek islands have won the couple of artists. Although it’s been more than a month of this trip, Natalia Barulich continues taking advantage of on Instagram.

Natalia Barulich, wedding Maluma, Mykonos

Here we see her in a new image where it appears on the terrace of the hotel sitting just to the side of the pool and behind the glimpse of the sea. In this picture appears with too much clothing for the taste of many, that yes, dresses very elegant and glamorous. His followers have been set in their way of posing and as she opens her legs. Barulich reveals a stunning neckline and some of its parts more intimate.